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Grand Teton National Park

June 16, 2023   

Probably the most underrating national park i’ve been to.

From Salt Lake City

We arrived in SLC one day prior and stayed at a cheap Airbnb along I-95. The next morning, we set off early with a 10-hour drive ahead of us for the entire day.

We entered Idaho after leaving Utah, and it was a breathtaking state with stunning scenery. The drive was reminiscent of the “Windows XP wallpaper” with vast, endless green meadows and hillsides surrounding us. I couldn’t help but exclaim “this is beautiful” countless times throughout the journey.

Grand Teton National Park

After a 5-hour drive, we reached Grand Teton National Park. The weather was constantly changing throughout our visit. It was pouring rain when we arrived at our first destination, the Chapel of Transfiguration. However, soon after, the sky started to clear up.

Chapel of Transfiguration

Jenny Lake

As I walked along Jenny Lake, it felt like I had been transported to Switzerland, surrounded by majestic mountains, serene lakes, and picturesque meadows. If it hadn’t been cold, I would have been tempted to dive into the crystal-clear water, which reflected the scenery like a mirror.

Chapel of Transfiguration after rain

When we returned to revisit the chapel with the sunny weather, it presented us with an entirely different scene. I finally understood why it is considered the most stunning church in America. The beauty of the surroundings was simply awe-inspiring.

Historic Mormon Barn

It is also known as the most beautiful barn in the US, and rightfully so. The backdrop of snow-capped mountains and surreal clouds made the scene absolutely breathtaking. Trust me, the actual view is ten times more spectacular than this plain photograph.


It was just a short trail along the river, but it left a lasting impression on me as I had a close encounter with a moose. It was my first time seeing one in person. The moose was drinking water in the river while we stood on the other side, watching in awe. For him, it seemed as if our presence as humans didn’t even exist in his world.

Apart from that, the view with the snow-covered mountains and clouds was simply breathtaking. The reflection in the river left me speechless.

Some Overlooks

We made several stops at different overlooks both within and outside the national park. Despite each one offering the same breathtaking view of the Grand Teton mountain, every stop remained astonishing in its own way.

Yes I really wanted to jump into the lake.

After exploring all the overlooks, we continued our journey and seamlessly entered Yellowstone National Park. Interestingly, we didn’t even notice the sign indicating that we were leaving Grand Teton National Park, suggesting that the two parks may share a border.


Overall, it is an incredible national park that I would aptly describe as a “little Switzerland.” Half a day is perfect for a visit, especially if you prefer to avoid strenuous hikes. Personally, I would love to return and embark on some real hikes, either exploring the stunning lake clusters or climbing up the Grand Teton Mountains.

Grand Teton NP is just as amazing as Yellowstone.