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A Lovely Event

May 27, 2023   

This is the first American wedding I’ve ever attended.

Interestingly, it’s also the first wedding of my friends that I’ve been to, which means it doesn’t include previous weddings of my parents’ friends or my somewhat unfamiliar relatives. Coincidentally, today is also my cousin’s wedding in China. Regardless of the location, I can sense the joy emanating from both couples. It really makes me realize that happiness and love are contagious, transcending time, space, and everything else.

My cousin is probably the only one I was particularly close to while growing up. I definitely regret not being able to attend her wedding in China, so I ended up preparing a short video for her instead. As I spoke those heartfelt words during the video shoot, I realized the depth of our family bonds, even though we haven’t seen each other for an extended period. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them nothing but the absolute best. When I looked at the photos of her wedding sent by my dad, I could feel the same excitement and joy as if I were standing there with the couples on stage. It was a life-changing moment for them, but also a significant encouragement for all their family and friends. Every wedding tells a story about love, a love that endures forever. It’s these moments where love truly shines in our world.

Today, I attended my friend Andy’s wedding. It’s been a while since I last dressed up for such an occasion. Dressing up with my friends was a special experience, even though I knew I wasn’t the star of the event.

When the ceremony began, you saw so many people came all across the country even the world to be here together witnessing a lovely couple’s special moment. It is so heartwarming that people strange to each other all gathered here to celebrate a common thing. I feel how powerful the love is at this moment. Love gathers people here with or without bonds. Besides that, I feel so happy for this lovely couple. As the pastor said, they are a couple that have made tough decisions to submit them to God. I do believe it is God that make their bonds deeper and stronger. They have my best best wishes.

I don’t know why I want to write a blog about this today but I do feel the happiness that motivates me to do so and be positive in my life. I couldn’t imagine when would me being on that stage, making that life-changing promise. Anyway it’s still very very far to see, it is sweet to even think about it.