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Yellowstone National Park

June 18, 2023   

A distinctive national park with so many unique natural wonders offered.


I wanted to mention this first because it was probably the most unique experience that Yellowstone offered me. We saw countless bison on the road, in the meadows, in the river, and right next to our car. (To be honest they are really ungly but worth seeing)

Day 0

Driving to the park

After a day spent at Grand Teton National Park, we began our drive to Yellowstone in the late afternoon. We entered the park through the south entrance and were immediately captivated by the breathtaking scenery along the road.

Old Faithful Gesyer

It is one of the most famous attractions within the park and we didn’t plan to visit here during our first day. However, we realize the gesyer was actually on our route back to the airbnb so why not visiting. It turned out we were only 30 minutes away from the eruption which is pretty lucky.

We sat around the geyser, patiently waiting for its grand eruption. Initially, we noticed the smoke increasing and the geyser becoming more active. After a few minutes, there was a splash a few meters high, and I mistakenly thought that was the extent of it. However, to my surprise, the geyser began a full eruption, consistently shooting water more than 10 meters high for several minutes. It was truly stunning, especially considering it is a completely natural phenomenon. The geyser’s performance surpassed that of any artificial fountain in terms of both power and beauty.

It dawned on me that the name “Old Faithful” might originate from this very characteristic. To witness the true power of the geyser, one must have faith and exhibit patience. By maintaining faith in this geyser, it rewards you with an invaluable experience in return.


We happened to witness the sunset as we drove out of the park, and it was truly breathtaking. The mingling of the geyser smoke and the clouds made it difficult to distinguish between them. Coupled with the reddish hue of the sun, I knew this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime sunset. It was just so poetic.

After having dinner, we embarked on our journey to our Airbnb in Big Sky, which was 60 miles away and approximately a one-hour drive. I must admit that I underestimated the fatigue and energy required for such a remote drive. The realization hit me that I would need to repeat this commute for the next three days…

Day 1

Norris Geyser Basin

It took us two hours to reach the first basin we planned to visit from Big Sky. It was a remarkable sight, as I had never seen so many geysers clustered together in a pool-like area before. The plumes of smoke rising from numerous spots created an otherworldly atmosphere, making me feel like I was on Mars rather than Earth.

What made it even more fascinating was that each basin had its own distinct colors and characteristics. Witnessing the diverse range of geological wonders showcased by nature was truly awe-inspiring. It was truly amazing for me to see what nature can do.

Mammoth Hot Springs

This particular geyser is unique, featuring a completely different style from the others we’ve encountered. Although I never had a curious mind for learning about the formation of such natural phenomena, its appearance was truly stunning. The geyser’s pure whiteness and stair-like shape added to its captivating allure.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Yes, there is also a Grand Canyon inside Yellowstone National Park. While it may not be as vast in scale as the real Grand Canyon, it is equally stunning.

One thing that distinguishes this Grand Canyon is the presence of captivating waterfalls. Unlike the real Grand Canyon, these waterfalls offer a unique and mesmerizing experience. In fact, visitors can even walk to the very edge of the waterfall, witnessing the precise point where water cascades into the air.

Day 2

Today’s weather was not great as we encountered constant rains all days until late afternoon. However, it didn’t stop us from apprecitaing the park to its full extent.

Biscuit Basin Geyser

Even though there are many similar color/style basins we saw, these are defintely the most capitivating ones.

Mud Volcano

Grand Prismatic Spring

This is the most famous spring in the park and is always prominently featured in all pictures related to Yellowstone. The spring is so immense and displays such a diverse range of colors that I wouldn’t have believed it was real if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Just simply amazing and speechless.

Old Faithful again

Luckily again, we discovered that we desperately needed some food and the closest store was near Old Faithful. As luck would have it, we also managed to catch the next eruption of Old Faithful within just half an hour. We were thrilled to decide to visit again. This time, the experience was even more amazing with the sighting of a brave bison so close to the people.

Additionally, this served as our official final stop in Yellowstone, marking a perfect conclusion to our trip.

This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I couldn’t stop thinking about showing all of this to my parents after I graduate, especially to my dad, who is a geologist.