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Switzerland Jungfrau Region

August 23, 2023   

This is heavenly heaven.

Indeed, nearly every lake we encountered in Switzerland displayed this hue. It was utterly surreal for me to comprehend that such a place genuinely exists on Earth. The moment we stepped into the Jungfrau Region, and even before that, I found myself exclaiming in awe every other moment. The sheer beauty was simply breathtaking and captivated my senses wherever we went. If there is a heaven, I’m convinced it must be Switzerland.

Driving to the region

Once we crossed into Switzerland, things dramatically shifted. The highways improved, prices escalated, but the views became absolutely breathtaking. After taking an unexpected detour, we stopped for a restroom break in a charming town that was stunning in its own right. The local river, a mysterious milky white, was a sight to behold. I was still struggling to believe the beauty of it all.


Before coming here, I was unaware that this place is called Lungern. We hadn’t planned on stopping, but the sight of the absolutely stunning lake compelled me to pull over, just like many others. The light sapphire blue of the lake was breathtaking. I found myself questioning how this was possible, continually rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Everything appeared so real, the color was surely that of heaven.


I’ve never watched any K-dramas except for “Crash Landing on You”. I was initially drawn to it due to its intriguing political backdrop, but quickly became captivated by the plot. The quaint town of Iseltwald, where a piano scene from the show was filmed, was a surreal place to visit in person. The heroine in the drama was going to plan to kill herself amidst this beautiful scenery, and I found myself agreeing wholeheartedly. The view, especially the water, simply took my breath away. I would love to die here as well.

The small pier, where the piano was initially set up for the show, now charges an entry fee of 5 CHF. I, of course, paid for it, and it was undoubtedly worth it.

Observe the ship and the hue of the water; I still find it hard to believe that this is reality. This must surely be a vessel dispatched by the heavens.

Indeed, I must swim here. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive into this stunning lake. It’s a tad chilly, but it’s nothing compared to what I experienced in the Rocky Mountains. I swam from the shore to the center of the lake, and despite the sun being somewhat intense, simply being in the water made me feel as if I were in heaven.


Another location featured in the TV show served as a reference for my itinerary. This proved to be an excellent decision. Sigriswil, also the title of the show’s theme song, was where they filmed a scene on a stunning panoramic bridge, which I also visited. Standing on the bridge while playing the song created an absolutely surreal experience. The view and my presence there intertwined beautifully.


This is likely the most beautiful town I’ve ever visited in my entire life. Everything appears to have sprung from a fairytale. I was left speechless while driving here.

There are just too many pictures to share, and imagine that the real scene seen by the eyes is 1000x better than the photo. I think my dream is to take my family here when I graduate and can make my own money.


We didn’t choose to go to Jungfrau Peak because it was too expensive and far to reach. Instead, we opted for a popular peak called First. We traveled there by cable car, and the views while ascending were absolutely stunning. (I’m sorry, but I really don’t know how to describe these views; they are just so so so beautiful.)

Upon reaching the summit via the cable car, we commenced our hike towards a stunning lake. The journey was somewhat challenging due to the significant elevation gain, but the path was as breathtaking as always. Furthermore, I frequently heard a crisp ringing sound, which I later realized was emanating from the cows. This, in fact, is a traditional practice in Switzerland involving bells.


This is the iconic mountain lake that offers a panoramic view of the sky, mountain peaks, water, and lush green grass. The sight was absolutely breathtaking. As always, I couldn’t resist the urge to jump in. This is my unique way of appreciating nature, immersing myself in it as much as possible.

I spent much of my time swimming in this lake, starting from the bank and reaching all the way to the far end where a small dam offered an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountain peaks. Sitting on the dam in my swimming trunks, I gazed at the mountains through my less-than-perfect vision, without glasses. The scene was so perfect that it made me feel my life was worthwhile. I found myself in a conversation with God, questioning if reality was similar to this dam. From a distance, it appeared as though there would be a waterfall cascading over the dam. Despite the fear that a strong current could pose a danger near the dam, I was drawn closer. However, upon reaching it, I discovered there was barely any water beneath the dam, just a small creek running under it. It made me wonder if reality was also like this - was a grand story merely an illusion?

Biking down the mountain

The activity was included in our ticket. After swimming and reaching the peak, I felt as if I had no other desires. However, the mountain biking program was undeniably worth it, despite being seemingly more dangerous than swimming in a wild lake. The road was narrow, steep, and pitted. Yet, when I reached high speeds, felt the cool breeze, and took in the stunning views around me, it was as if I was an angel descending from heaven. Everything was simply perfect. I enjoyed this activity so much that I did it twice.


After bidding farewell to this paradise, we journeyed to another picturesque town known as Lauterbrunnen. Although smaller in scale, the town boasted a unique waterfall cascading directly from the mountain, providing a stunning view of the Jungfrau peak. The town’s setting within a valley evoked feelings reminiscent of Yosemite Valley.

Following that, we savored what was likely our final official meal of this trip, a traditional Swiss fondue. Although it was quite expensive, it was undoubtedly worth it. Enjoying the unique cheese with the view of Jungfrau directly overhead was an unforgettable experience for me forever.

I absolutely love this place. Those fortunate enough to be born here must undoubtedly feel as if they’re in paradise. I really hope to one day revisit with my family, sharing with them all the stunning sights I’ve witnessed.