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Washington DC Again

June 30, 2023   

It was great to visit DC again which is definitely one of my favourite cities in the US.

Why came to DC again

It was just a short two day stay at DC since I needed to get a visa for Europe trip in the coming August. Originally I planned to get a Franch visa from Atlanta which was also a city I really wanted to explore, but there was no available appointments in an early date. Also because my friend in China could not get an appoinment for France. Therefore, we decided to get a visa from Czche Republic. It sounds really random and it did. There were very few documents online on how to apply a Czche visa but we managed to prepare everything ready based on the official website.

Roosevalt Island

It was a random idea when we drove through DC. My friend saw the sign and asked me if I wanted to go. I said hell yeah. Then we just made a swift turn and got on the island. It was a small island but with a nice monument about this great US president. When we hiked to the overlook, I realize I’ve been here, but from a different angle. We were at a waterfront park with a view to the Watergate. And now I can see both the park and the Watergate. It felt amazing when you came to the same place you’ve been to before. It’s like 故地重游.

Great Falls

It was great to visit DC again because this time I have friends here to visit. My friend picked me up from the Amtrak train station at Alexandria. Why did I take a train? Because I wanted to try how was the US Amtrak system. And the answer is that it is pretty bad and I don’t intend to take the train again unless optionless. It really surprised me when I realized the train took much longer than driving.

After my friend picked me up, we drove to Great Falls which is on the border of Maryland and Virgina and is one of the favourite spot of my friend. It turned out to be a solid option even just for a 2 hour stay. The waterfall was amazing because it was unlike any of the waterfalls I saw before. Great Falls is a cluster of multiple streams of water falls. They twist and go through each other which even gave me a feeling of 壶口瀑布.

In addition, we were able to climb through the rock scrambles across the river and falls. My friend took me to a top rock locating in the middle of the falls which offered us a great view of everything. I simply just lied down on the rock, thinking that I would be able to stay here for a whole day without moving, just listening to the waterfalls and feel the wind breeze.

This is a spot I want to visit again. It was quiet and I feel personal with the nature lying on those rocks.

Catch up with another old friend

Last time I came to DC, I visited a friend who was from the same high school as I was. We are never that close, but we happended to have seen each other two times in the US. We had a great authentic Chinese food and then I spent my time hanging out with him and his friends and most importantly his cats. I just could not resist the charms of any cats.

Anyway, it was great coming back. DC always impresses me even this time was covered by the smoke due to the Canadian fire. The city was so organized, clean and peaceful. Also it was great to catch up with friends which I call 缘分. Looking forward to my next visit in DC.