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My baptism on Easter

April 9, 2023   

I’ve always been waiting for today.

It has been a remarkable journey of spiritual growth for me. I can still vividly recall last year’s Easter celebration, a time of rebirth for my Christian friends. At that time, I wondered if one day I too would be baptized, but I never imagined it would happen within a year. Yet, here I am now, having experienced a year filled with revelations and growth.

Ever since I made the decision to become a Christian, I eagerly anticipated my baptism. However, as the day approached, I felt nervous and uncertain about where my faith would lead me. I procrastinated writing my testimony because I wasn’t sure if I could craft a compelling piece for myself, others, and God. But on one magical night, after a headache from a long spring break drive, I decided to begin writing as I had promised a friend. I truly believe that God was with me throughout the process, guiding and inspiring me to share my story authentically.

The night before my baptism, I was preoccupied with a midterm paper for my political philosophy class. Although I felt relief upon finishing it, my nervousness about the baptism quickly resurfaced. A late-night conversation with a friend about my apprehension provided some comfort, but I still felt unsure about my decision.

The following day, everything changed. Despite only getting six hours of sleep, I woke up to have lunch with my church group. Their homemade dishes, reminiscent of my hometown cuisine, brought me immense joy and helped to ease my anxiety. The events of the day unfolded seamlessly, with worship songs further boosting my confidence and happiness before I shared my testimony. As I spoke, I saw many supportive friends in the audience, and I was overwhelmed by the love I felt from both God and the church community.

Entering the pool and being reborn in Christ was a truly special moment for me. However, I believe it was the people, the events of the day, and everything that had transpired since my journey began that truly renewed me, both physically and spiritually. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me on my path to God, particularly those within the makenew community.

Though I may not be the most talkative person and may not have forged deep relationships with everyone at the church, I know that they care for and pray for me. I am profoundly thankful for this wonderful group of people who have embraced me just as Christ embraces all of us.

I recognize that I will face struggles in the future, but I now feel loved and supported by God. Amen!

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