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Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Cancun!

January 8, 2023   

Well yes I flew all the way from the far north to the far south…

Toronto to be continued

Toronto is my friend’s base and we started our road trip from here while I didn’t have enough time to fully explore the city before the road trip. Therefore, after coming back from Montreal and Ottawa, I spent almost a week wandering in the city. I basically visited all the must-go places here in Toronto.

Absolutely the city skyline

We bought a ferry ticket to one of the island in the Lake Ontario to get the best view of the city skyline. It was freezing cold as expected but the view was amazing. We even stayed for more than two hours waiting for the night view of this charming city.

Cold but beautiful night views

After that, of course I need to go up to the CN tower to see the night view from another perspective. I’ve been once here when I was a elementary school kid coming here for a math competition during Summer 2015. That time was daytime while this time I am able to do it at night. As the highest observatory in North America, it is simply stunning. However, it’s definitely not worth it to purchase the extra pricy ticket to the Skypod which is 100m higher than the main observatory because you pretty much see the exact same view even given a huge elevation gain.

Me at the top

Niagara Falls

We also drove to Niagara Falls and stayed there for a night. I’ve also been here the last time during the summer and the same got the chance to appreciate the mighty nature once more from a whole new perspective of winter.


During the night, there were spotlight for the falls and it was astonishing. Even though we were expecting the entire falls to be frozen, it wasn’t due to a unexpectedly above freezing point temperature. That being said, it was still amazing to see the spotlight combined with the living falls. It was also great as the spotlight changed its color in a dynamic way.

What’s more, there was also fireworks!

The daytime Niagara Falls is not as pretty as night’s but still worth visiting. I even found the position to make a time travel photos.

19-year-old me in Winter 2022 and 12-year-old in Summer 2015

Why did I decide also to go to Mexico?

It was not on my radar in the very beginning. However, the friend I planed to visit in Toronto proposed the idea and magically he sorted everything out back in early October. Why not then? I thought it would be really cool to experience both the far north and south, the hottest and the coldest within one winter break so I just did it.

I just wanted to show the custom at Cancun airport…


The Cancun trip was simple to tell as it was simply amazing and I had my best hotel and park experience at XCARET. I would’ve bought the autobiography book XUEÑOS by XCARET founder Miguel Quintana Pali if I knew how to read Spanish. I was shocked by how beautiful, naturally preserved, friendly all the parks are.

We lived in one of those suites with two amazing sea view balcony

That being said, I felt really guilty enjoying all these overly luxury experience. I felt thankful to the friend who made all these happen and brought this wonderful experience but in the meantime myself would definitely choose more economical way to enjoy the vacation here as I do not believe myself deserve this kind of services and material comforts. I would definitely come back with the family or friends I love but with a more reasonable lodging environment. The Luxury is once-in-a-lifetime and is already enough for me.

This show made me a huge fan of Mexican well-preserved culture and talented people

Panoramic through a scenery tower in one of the most popular parks

Enjoy the Michelin level taco

The hotel outdoors without filter or any editing

Driving the jeep topless in the forest!

Swim in the Natural Caverns

Yes, driving the jeep again at night

Drank too much free cocktails and then rolled on the beach:(

Last free dinner with Chef Teppanyaki

And that’s my winter break. Now it’s time to start a new journey with God’s Grace…