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Today I become a Christian.

July 14, 2022   

Today I become a Christian.

I always imagine this day would come in a natural way that by that time, I have already fully known God and fully admitted my own sin and how Jesus died on the cross for me. However, this day comes in an unexpected way. I haven’t fully known God nor fully repented my sin but I do have a strong willingness to eager for a meaningful and eternal relationship with God, who I believe is the Creator of the world and us. He sacrifices so much that no human being could bear it. We keep rebelling and disappointing and even killed God. His grace is still there, always there.

I know every truth that I should know to have a leap of faith. It’s just I haven’t felt it in a strong and powerful way. But I truly believe that day will come. It is frightening, but I would like Jesus to be the center of my life and teaches me how to be a Christian and understand God.

Promises to keep, miles to go.