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March Madness!

April 9, 2022   
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Well the true March Madness we lost. But we are the final four!

I never enjoyed watching a basketball game but this time. The game was so tight and intense. Alright, I still don’t like basketball at all. The March Madness is my March Madness.


Help cleanning in an addiction treatment house

It is a fraternity but it is not. I never intend to join a frat but intend to join an organization where I could do good deeds usually. So I guess this is a perfect choice for me. When the first time I participated APO event, people here were chilled and there was a vibe of chilling in general which I enjoyed a lot.

Help packing food for people in need

it turned out not bad. I would not say I made a few best friends here but I did meet a lot of good people. I enjoy talking with them and doing silly things in the so-called brotherhood week.

Duke Forest Highway Cleanup: I learned a lot of American beer brands

I wish I could be more involved in the group but also I am chilled with everything. Just do good things as much as I can.

I say it is a horse!



I keep cooking every Sunday night no matter how busy I am. Although each time it took me 4 hours, 5pm to 9pm, to cook, eat and clean. I never thought I could fall in love with cooking rather than eating since I never cooked before and never wanted to cook back in China.

I finally took advantage of the Wok

But I was right about myself: if I am pushed to do so, I will do so. I love cooking partly because it is a way to resolve my miss to my hometown (mainly food and my car). Also it is also a great way to socialize with friends as we cook and share together.

Happy Haojin

After quite a few times of failures, I finally made the Coca-Cola Chicken Wing successfully. The moment I tasted the wing, I felt an enormous sense of satisfaction and achievement that I never had before. I finally found a true hobby that I am proud of.

Dennis’s Stirred Vegetable which was also really good

Also when I saw the great amount of oil on the vegetable, I knew it is real Chinese food, this is the real family taste.

I can’t help imagining learning, trying and cooking all kinds of classic Chinese foods in the coming summer to serve my friends.

BIG Bowl~


This is the sport I feel like March Madness is happening. Now I understand why people are so crazy about Duke basketball since I have the same or even higher level of craziness for F1. Especially this year the game dynamic has completely changed as Mercedes goes down and King’s return of Ferrari. In addition, our proud Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu has grasped the first-ever point in his first-ever F1 Grand Prix. There were so many dramas and will be more in the future. I am even writing my writing101 paper on Formula 1 which is not like other painful writing assignments and I gained a lot of happiness from doing so.

What a race

Life is truly fantastic for me and I enjoy each and every second of it.

I just love this picture