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First Week of Class

January 15, 2022   

Finally, it comes to the beginning of another wonderful semester.

Unlike high school time which I genuinely didn’t like switching from sweet and chilled breaks to a busy school semester, I do look forward to the college semester. Probably because it was just so boring during my winter break when I went to Washington DC and came back staying on campus for most of the break. Most importantly, I missed the people I met here including friends and strangers. I enjoyed interacting with people and striking basic conversation with “How are you?”.

Actually, last week was the first week of class since the semester began last Wednesday. But generally, I enjoyed this whole one and a half starting week though it was completely on zoom. It wasn’t bad at all compared to what I thought would be like. Back in high school, I only had a short experience of online school for a few months and frankly, I learned nothing during that time with all the distractions at home. So I made a judgment that I wouldn’t make it during online learning. However, I did learn a lot and met with new classmates this week via zoom. I had the same feeling of excitement and satisfaction after a long and sometimes internet-lagged zoom meeting. I still got a chance to understand different perspectives on sports, capitalism, philosophy through all my classes which I love a lot based on what’s going on now.

I keep cooking sometimes this week, mostly because I bought a lot of stuff during winter break and they were going to expire. It was exciting making my own food and feeding myself. It is even more exciting to cook and serve for your friends. We talked, we joked, we laughed while cooking and having meals together. I hope to keep this up through the entire semester.

There was also a dramatic moment last Saturday when I was mistakenly being told of getting positive on covid while waiting in the line for my first duke basketball game. I called my roommate and we decided to have him stay at a hotel tonight before I figured out this mess of covid. Then I informed all the people I had contact with recently. After that I just sit down alone in my room, self-talking that oh it’s the best time to get covid since I’ll have a great chance of getting recovered before classes in-person, plus sooner or later I’ll get covid based on the roaring of cases. Around 11 PM, I received another email from Duke saying that they are happy to let me know I am not positive due to their mistake. I was relieved at first and then pissed off by their unprofessional actions. I texted all my friends again saying that I am not positive at all and I am gonna sue Duke to get my tuition back even. Anyway, it was a funny experience for me and reminded me I do not want to get covid at all even it’s not as serious as it was. It will affect people around you, persons you care about.

I met with my friends from makenew a lot this week. I love hanging out with them and sometimes we could talk about some deeper philosophical topics which I enjoyed a lot. I just love getting to know people here and respect them a lot for what they do and what they are trying to achieve.

Watching movie “Belle”

Well, I don’t know why I decide to write a blog in English this time but I’d like to do that ever since now if my future-me don’t mind. It’s time to struggle with written English and beg to get decent grades in both writing and philosophy classes.

Best of luck.