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Application Season

January 10, 2021   
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Hey there, long time no see.

I’ve skipped the review of robotics competition in December, 2020 review and more things that have stayed on my pocket notes for months. I apoligized but I really couldn’t allocate some time to do so because of the anxious, intense, formiddable(there’s more) application season.

But I learned a lot.

I have to say I’ve never been so tierd at any moment in my life. I thought it would be a regular semester for me, just with some extra works on application essays and other stuff. However, I definitely underestimated the workload and energy of it.

Though I have applied for Stanford Summer Institute in the beginning of 2020 all by myself, with 8+ application essays, this time I still felt like a completely new challenge for me.

When writting essays, I want to eagerly find some real points that I could match with the school I applied for, which costs time, a lot of time… My conselor told me, “just search on its website, found some courses and research areas, and then everything done.” I don’t think so, however. I believe the more time I invested in truly researched the school, the more possibility I will be accepted. I cannot accept myself submitting essays without staying overnight for several times.

My mood

I always recognized myself as a positive and optimistic person, but not this time. My mood was changed dramatically within a day-time, which influenced me from each and every aspects of my life including school works, coding and especially writing applicaiton essays. Self-doubts are common these days.

And to be honest, I encountered some unpleasant things. 3 times of failure in taking TOEFL really distroyed my mind. I nearly gave up. And until now I still don’t have a great score. I just hope all my efforts and pain experienced in writing essays could compensate the negative effects it brings to me.

Seeing my classmates received their dream offers, I am really happy for them. Also I am really upset for myself. Their futures journeys are somehow well-prepared while I am still seeking for opportunities and waiting.

There are still so many things I would like to share on my blog, yet 3 school essays are still needed to be done. /(愒o愒)/~~

I just hope universities and colleges I applied for could really understand my experience and ambitions through my application.

Good luck to myself and all fellow applicants!