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September 21, 2020   

Tenet is an amazing movie with wonderful stories and deep meanings. I am a person never watching a single movie twice, but I did watch Tenet twice. Each time it brought me surprises. It’s hard to understand, and I haven’t fully understood yet. However, when watching Tenet, it feels like listening to a piece of music with English lyrics. I may not be able to get the meaning of the lyrics the singer sings, but it doesn’t affect my mood and enjoyment. The same goes for this movie. I can’t figure out how time flows, but I do feel excitement and nervousness following the step of the characters.


Not everyone believe in destiny. In this movie, in some way, proves the destiny of each human beings. We all have our faith and mission. Neil probably knew he would die of helping the younger protagonist, he insists to do it without hesitancy.


All the messages, phone calls, mails send to the future. What matters is are you able to get reply from the people in the future.

It is said by the Indian woman which is a solid truth. We don’t know who is in the future side. However, we firmly knows that ourselves would be exist in a certain point in the future. At least we have the ability to send message to the future version of ourselves. That is kind of what I am doing now, writing blog. Each post is a message to the future. I just wish I could look back at my posts someday at some point, suddenly getting the feeling that building a connection between the past and present myself.


No matter Interstellar or Tenet, scientific principles are the key component of the movie. Besides, there are always affections, emotions between people and virtually this is what matter the most. The emotional belt between the father and the daughter transcends the time and space while the solid friendship between the founder of Tenet and the comrade he recruited shuttle back and forth in the time line. They, equipped with the most common but precious affections, save the world.


The background music of the movie is fantastic especially the ones in encompassing the trucks and the end of the movie. It makes my nerves tight and immerse in the plot.