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Exercise Log

June 13, 2020   

⭐ June Album ⭐


This is the first day I start my exercise again. Hope I can insist on.


Today is the second day. I was gaped yesterday since I had a online class during 8PM-10PM. Although I know I cannot make it as an excuse, it reminds me that mt determination is not as strong as I thought. What I can do is force myself to reach the highest as possible as I can. Today I got hair cut before exercising and left my cloth in the barber. So I began jogging at around 9:30 and the close time is 10. Finally I didn’t reach 5km which is my goal but 4.5km at 9:57. However, I feel tired and exhausted as the first day. There’s a long way for me to recover my performance.


I just came back from school and continueed to do exercises. I feel more exhausted than before for no reason.


I sweated a lot today. And I try another way while running. I look at the treadmill panel every three songs which reduce my anxiety while running. Because I always want to know how much time and distance left, that’s really suffering.