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Educated -- Reading Journal

March 16, 2020   

Why I chose this book to read

I get an inexplicable feeling about my life recently and books help me a lot in most cases. I browsed the online bookstore on my kindle and chose the one with highest evaluation.

My real feeling about the book

To be honest, it’s not surprise for me. I thought I would suddenly realize something after reading but I didn’t. Closing my eyes, I got the same picture over and over again: the author Tara was shocked by the fact of world and was bullied by her family. It told me almost the whole life that Tara has been going through, but I didn’t get it. I was not moved after all.

I try to connect plots in the book with my real life or experience but I failed. I cannot have a resonance with the author since I never had a family background like her. Maybe I take all granted or maybe I should read again when I go to college, go to work and gain more thoughts about it.


The name of the book is Educated, so let’s talk about its meaning. I believe it’s a suitable name for the book. Tara uses her own experience revealing us the path her grown up under different educations. Education means learning different opinions, views, perspectives of an object or event and have the ability to accept and tolerate it.