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Only Cloud Knows

January 28, 2020   

“From now on, I’ll drink water so you can drink wine. I’ll eat rice so you can eat meat.”

The words were said by Simon to his bride Jenifer on his wedding, simple, funny but unforgettable for both Jenifer and audience like me.

The whole movie is filled with a sad and gauzy atmosphere which is the key point moving me.

My imagination

To be honest, I am dreaming about my future life every second in my mind: What kind of person I will meet, who will I fall in love with, what is waiting for me? Pure and romantic love is important in my fantasy and I believe it’s even in most adolescents’ fantasy. As a 16-year-old man, it makes me shy but full of hope. However, no one will know what will happen in the future. What I can do is keep going with sustainable curiosity and discover my possibility.

The movie brings me

The movie is sappy, slow and mostly effective, bringing me calm and peace. There are no impressing events happening but every daily plot we will all experience. I cannot recognize the focus of this movie clearly because it brings me with a unity of all scenes. Interrupts are common in the movie but didn’t influence me understanding the whole story. Every intersection point is just right and harmonious. Only cloud knows she has a congenital disease which will suffer all along; only cloud knows her strong motion to break the routine, running a Chinese Restaurant in a small town, traveling to different places just like their bosom friend Melinda; only cloud knows how much she loves Simon. Only cloud knows while wind never knows. It’s painful but beautiful. I am always waiting for some incomplete during watching, and I know only incomplete makes perfect. However, when I saw Simon win big at roulette twice, I hardly believed. The feeling this movie gives me is like a river flowing gently, my love lightly touches my face. Finally, I found the death, “The one left behind will suffer a lot”. Jennifer died silently but strongly, spending Simon’s years to finish her last wish and heal himself.

To me

To me, these are all that I never experience so far. I have no idea whether I will encounter with a charming girl destined to be my love and how much pain and happiness I will suffer in the future. Staying truly may be helpful to find my way.

I hope one day I can watch this minor movie with my love and look back at our experiences.