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My first VEX tournament of the season

July 23, 2019   

Now I am on the bullet train from Xi’an to Baoding, crossing one tunnel after another, passing one bridge after another. Just a few minutes ago, I was sleeping deeply, but now I think I am conscious.

Sleepless night

From the beginning of the summer vacation, I was studying TOEFL everyday following a regular routine – getting up at 7AM, doing TOEFL practice all the day and then going to bed at 11PM.

However, Last night even didn’t close my eyes for a while because of the unfinished autonomous program. It’s a hard and harsh work putting tons of parameters and variables to my mind simultaneously. Fortunately, with my team members Tony and Jessica helping me reset the match field quickly and accurately, finally I got it. Never forget the colorful cubes leaps on the match field which seem to lose control.

Nervous time

To be honest, I didn’t put too many efforts in the VEX competition these summer vacation. I just came to participate in training two days before our setting off. I am really awkward to my excellent team member and coach Mr. Han.

The robot that will be used in the competition hadn’t been finished two days before. Our manipulator Tony hadn’t practice controlling the robot like catching the cube and pile them up in the specific area which is not easy and definitely needs time to be familiar with the way of controlling.

Luckily, we had done everything in time under the unity of our team which is the most valuable and precious thing I got from the robot club. I saw everyone mounting screw carefully, writing engineer log amazingly… There exists many good personalities and characters that I need to learn from them.

Maybe I don’t have time to write again during the competition

I know that from now on every day and night is crucial and significant. Many unpredictable challenges and chances are waiting for us in the close future. What I can do is modifying and improving the stability and effectiveness of my program giving the mental encouragement. Perhaps every night will become sleepless just like last night, but I will try my best to fight for the best ranking in the competition.

Also, I would like to make more friends from all over the world with the same passion and love for the VEX.


Hope we won’t regret this time no matter what score we will get and challenges we will faces.