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Summer vacation starts now

July 8, 2019   

A colorful semester has gone

A lot of words I want to say… This period of time I studied and lived in International Course Campus really impressed me. I never imagined that I would met a group of people who are talented and friendly in my freshman. When I first came here, I was very enlightend but of course with a little nervous. However, the enthusiasm of students and teachers made me energetic and full of hope towards the future.

Super massive activities

There were many meaningful and unforgettable events and activities have been held this semester. Not only broadening my horizon but also building a bridge between the guys who have the same dream and interest with me.

I firstly picked up VEX Robotics competition which I had learned and fell in love with before. The same program but different people. I met Jessica, a very talented girl in our team, who is good at writing building log and the most important I think is that she treats everthing careful and make 100% efforts in. She is an example for me and there are many things I can learn from her.

What’s more, I participated in NSDA debate. To be honest, it was my first time to express my own views about a social problem detaily in the face of others, even in English. It was a big challenge but I also learned a lot from it. I will never forget the moment that we beat the opponents ranking the first place temporarily.

Also, taking part in many Discipline Competition such as Math, Chemistry. For instance, In the preparation of the ARML, I came into contact with the Team Match which is brand new for me. I really enjoyed the process that thinking and dicussing with others together including relay rounds.

graduation ceremony


The last event that I had in my freshman is the graduation ceremony. ( I mean graduated from senior I to senior II) There was a video edited by my classmates reviewing the whole years about our class. Although I came here later instead at the very beginning, I was moved by it. I am glad and pleasured to be a member of Foundation III. Maybe we will not be appered as a unity once more, but we were once a unity. It’s enough for us to keep in touch with each other and perish the friendship forever.

A unpredictable vacation starts now

I need a plan about my valuable vacation

There is no doubt that I will have my first TOEFL test this vacation, and also I need to work hard to reach the highest score as possible as I can.


I *want to put my general plan here because I hope there are someone who can take it and supervise me. Also, because I put it on my own blog, I would be more careful and serious about these tasks and do not be lazy frequently.*

[ ] Every day at least 3 pieces of TOEFL Reading passages [ ] Every day at least 3 pieces of TOEFL Listening materials

  • Every day using app “Lingo Champ” to practice my spoken English
  • Every week writing at least 1 pieces of blog.
  • Every week doing exercices at least 3 times.
  • Everyday do some reading at leat 20 min.
  • To be continued…

*I hope to get your supervision. If you see these, please leave a message below. Your words will definately encourage and urge me to move forword!*

I want to go back to this blog at the end of this vacation to see wheather I would have finish these tasks.