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May be the FIRST DAY?

April 22, 2019   

It’s 2:51 now. I am in the robot laboratory in the school with my team members.

Everything is prepared. We’ll set out at 3:30. It’s surely the earliest time that I get to school and the earliest time to leave school. My classmates will have the mid term examination. I am a little fortunate but also a bit regretful.

I deem that today’s work about programming of autonomous is greater than any other day. I have debugged 4 kind of programs in different position. You know that, the feeling of hit the ball completely is really fantastic.

The 9 days VEX Worlds trip is beginning from now. There must be something exciting and also depressing. But everything will become the most valuable and forgettable memories and experiences for me.

By the way, perhaps I can be the one who waving the flag in the central stage at the VEX Worlds opening ceremony.

I don’t know why I am not sleepy at all now, although I was so sleepy right now. Hope it can be a good starts!

We’ll go to Beijing at first, and go to Chicago maybe one day later.