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Coming back

April 15, 2019   

How is life? *Fantastic!*

long time no see!

It’s been a long time since I has wrote the last passage. But I am sure that I will continue to writing in future.

Special date

The mid-term examination will begin tomorrow. It must be the longest and richest exam I had ever participated. A little nervous with excitement. I don’t know what will be asked tomorrow, but I really enjoy the exam by English.

So, why I am writing now instead of reviewing? I planed to review the geography and history during the late-self study. To my surprise, I finish my goal earlier and even review the chemistry and physics.

Country Road Take Me Home

I could say that it’s the best song and lifelong song to me. It involves too much motions and affection for me. I still remember listening this song in the whole time of staying on the Boeing 787 belonged to Hainan Airline. That’s a trip has had left a deep mark in my heart and also has changed the rest of my life.


Coming to the international course, there are many unbelievable and surprising things happened.

  • I met CRX many times by accident.
  • I got back to working on VEX Robotics Competition and gain the qualification to go to the World Championships. (one week later!!!)
  • I finally stand on the same side with my best friends Billy.
  • All the classmates and teachers are friendly and benignant.
  • Many times when I was doing the math questions, I find the shadow of computer science.
  • I am going to participate an math competition named ARML. It’s my first time to do math by groups. I am really keen on working with groups and enjoying the different thinking collison.
  • I met a person that I even forget his name and where I met by accidently. He is from the international course in middle school who is the merely person that I have recognized in that course.
  • There are so many things I want to talk about…

Keeping on!

After writing the diary, I really feel more delighted.

Thanks for your reading.