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March 10, 2019   

It’s my first blog in English.

There are tremendous things to say, but I deem that I don’t have enough time.

Firstly, I made a decision that maybe the first I made by myself. It’s also why I use English. I have transferred to international class. I want to go abroad.

There are many reasons cause this decision. I think the major one is that I went to Seattle, US in winter vacation. I really prefer the atmosphere there and I got a feeling of unrestrained. And now the life here is fantastic. I can talk to foreign teacher freely and meet a group of friendly classmates and teachers.

I live in the dorm. It’s unprecedented for me to sleep on time and get up on time. Every day I feel energetic and optimism.

Just like return to the primary school life. I really enjoy it. Also, it has a lot of challenges. I face to TOEFL test and many other tests.

That’s all.

By the way, I will go to Chicago in April. Hope everything will be OK!