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西雅图 Day3

February 11, 2019   

The Nature Conservancy

Zuch Ferdana @CoastResilience Geospatial Information Officer(GIO)

  • flood tags API
  • use geo to show where the best place to restore the mangroves

good influence

  • fisheries
  • tourism
  • carbon storage

do a lot to find out why it was failed

need more example to make sure it will work

Mapping Ocean Wealth

  • coral reef
  • find nemo


Why protect it?

  • tourism
  • climate

What the biggest challenges about collecting data about coral reef?

  • communicate with technology
  • educate people to understand the things we are doing

How to train AI?

  • We have a lot of scientist to work for it
  • We use the accurate photograph not sea food made from coral reef or the beach between coral reef

Fundamentals of Delivering Effective Presentations

How to use your “Tools”?

  • How to speak
    • speak loud enough
    • 气沉丹田
    • having energy, confidence, passion
    • pause
    • holding microphone 45°
    • opening up
    • speak slowly
  • Where to look
    • look at the forehead
    • give everybody attention
  • How to move
    • use body languages
    • jump out of the safety zone
    • shoulders back
    • show hand palm

how to manage your time?

  • give a little remain space
  • set milestones
  • write a verbatim script
  • practice with a timer

How to struct tour pitch? (example)

  • hook
  • problem
  • solution
  • business case
  • process & details
  • next steps

How to handle questions from the audience?

  • understand the key
  • understand why they ask this question
  • question like giving you advice

What to do if I forget something or not understand something?

  • pause to restore
  • take a card with a few key words
  • be confident
  • thank you so much, I don’t actually have the answer to your question, but this gonna what I will to do
  • do not lie
  • do not try to change their attention



因此,我们已经在GIX Building里呆了正正2天了,有各种各样的活动,我们组表现的不是很好,大家一直在内讧,作为组长我也许真的该考虑考虑如何去领导、管理一个团队了。